Capital North

- Work in Progress -
Visual identity for a proposed unification of four major cities in the North: Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Hull.


Art Direction
Branding & Identity
User Experience


Through research I found that a city's identity/personality is created by the;

• People
• Architecture
• Public transport
• Education
• Music

I wanted to create a city that works for, and improves the lives of it's occupants.

Intercity Video Boards

Permanent installation of video boards linking the four citis as one. In the examples on the right Millenium Square, Leeds is linked to St Ann's Square, Manchester.

People in Manchester can see what is happening in Leeds, whilst seeing themselves. This creates a connection between people in both cities, helping turn four cities into a unified capital.

Music Boxes

Every city has a soundtrack, to create a Capital North soundtrack, the most listened to songs from the region will be compiled into a daily playlist.

The playlist will be delivered through an antiquated media, the public phonebox. The playlist can be accessed digitally.

City Library

I wanted to turn the city into a library
of the future. Taking the power of the internet, and connecting it with the physical environment.

Augmented reality will be used to give the user access to information about items, such as clocks, car engines and radios in context at the point of interest. This will connect the user with the environment, make information relevant and turn the city into a library.

Capital North Bus

Capital North will have it's own iconic bus, like the red buses in London or yellow taxi in New York.

The buses will become a symbol of
the capital, by being seen across city everyday the Capital North identity
will become ubiquitous.

Cultural Mash-up

A series of t shirts and posters which will bring together different parts of Northern culture. Be it regional phrases, television dialogue or song lyrics. More
t shirts are in development and will be posted in the near future.

I'll be back

In development, more goodness will be added in the near future.