Manchester Baseball Club

- Work in Progress -
Identity for Manchester Baseball Club.


Art Direction
Branding & Identity
User Experience


I am currently developing the visual identity for Manchester Baseball Club. The identity will tie the three teams of the club together, referencing the club being founded in 1947 and refreshing the club's strategy to recruit new players.

Manchester Monarchs

Youth teams.

7 — 10 years

10 — 13 years

13 — 16 years

Manchester Torrent

Senior development team.

Manchester Asterisk

Senior first team.


I have designed the uniforms to be more cost-effective for long-term use. In a league plagued with navy blue and black uniforms the bright colours will pop.

Who for art thou?

There are no names on the jerseys, this allows season-long loans, reducing the cost of admission for new players.


An embroidened logo will reduce the cost and order time, whilst increasing the longevity of each uniform.


A system has been made which allows for the use of photographs and/or illustration. The posters will be used to promote upcoming trainings/ games on social media.

Line-up Cards

Fundraising Pinåta

I am currently producing ten pinåtas
to be used in fundraising promotions. Photographs of the pinåatas will soon
be posted.

MBC Award Trophies

I set myself the goal of designing an award that has an aesthetic impact, a high quality finish whilst being cost effective.

The trophies are being constructed as you read this, and will be posted shortly after completion.


The team, year and award title are on the trophy. The awards are;

• Most Valuable Player
• Most Improved Player
• Cy Young Awared
• Batting Champion
• Gold Glove Award
• Rookie of the Year
• Players' Select*

*An award for 0ff-the-field contributions to the club.


150mm high
150mm wide
35mm deep


The trophies will be made using white ash or maple wood. The same material the club's baseball bats are made with.


Colour coded to the relevant team. The trophies will be hand painted, making the awards more special than an off the shelf, machine-etched alternative.

Cost Saving

The players' name isn't on the award, this is to lower the production cost and allow more time for the trophies to be constructed.


When starting the digital design, I put a focus on giving the user valuable content, rather than treat it as a purely visual challenge.

I wanted to turn the club's website into a resource that offers more than a facebook page. A resource that provides free advice and can be used by people to improve their baseball ability.

The website is in production as you are reading this.


I have made relevant information easy to find, the current website is very difficult to navigate.


Most people who use the site will have some knowledge of the game, however there will be people who don't know anything about the sport. A basic introduction to the game page is included for this reason.


The positions of the game can be seen, when the tabs are scrolled over the qualities needed are displayed.

Strike Zone

A diagram of the strike zone, to inform newcomers to the sport.


The training page is a useful resource
for both newcomers and experiences players which can be accessed free-of-charge. Information on;

• Nutrition
• Strength & Conditioning
• Injury Prevention
• Throwing
• Hitting
• Position Specific Training

This will give anybody a well rounded baseball training programme.

Training Booklets

A booklet is being made for each of these training sections, a printed version will be sold at training sessions for a nominal fee. The booklets are currently in development.


This pages makes the team schedules easy to access, something the current website is lacking.

Start Playing

Gives information on membership fees, and reassures newcomers that they can try the sport without being obligated to pay membership fees.


A simple timeline has been made showing a brief history of baseball in England. It shows the near heritage of Manchester Baseball Club, which goes back almost 70 years to 1947.


A link to the Twitter and Facebook page welcomes the user. Maps of the diamond where league games are played, and the indoor training facilities along with email contact with the club hierarchy can be found of this page.

I'll be back

In development, more goodness will be added in the near future.