Save the Children

Campaign to motivate fathers to read with their children every day.


Art Direction
Branding & Identity
User Experience


Use the power of football to bring fathers closer to their children.

Finding a shared passion to start a discussion which encourages positive action, is more effective that making people feel guilty for lack of action in
the past.

Football Teams

The initial campaign launch will use Premiership teams, but can be extended to include other Football League and non-League teams.


An eleven word sentence is used, as their as eleven players on a team. #First11 refers to the amount of players in a football team and the first 11 years of the child's life.


Football team formations are used as a way to communicate the message. The posters use stealth tactics to attract attention and increase awareness to the importance of reading with a child daily.

Poster Variations

The message can be changed so the campaign remains relevant over time.

Matchday Launch

Launched on the opening day of the 2015/16 Premier League season. Players will have the campaign sentence on the back of their shirt instead of their names - giving the campaign enormous media coverage

The television audience will be reached using the pre-game formation screens.

#First11 Football

A limited edition #First11 football.

Stadium Signage

The message can be delivered throughout the stadium on matchday.

Pitch Markings

Classic children's stories make up the pitch markings.

Goal Netting

The netting is used to create a hashtag and promote #First11.

Replica Shirt

A replica #First11 shirt will be made available for every team.

Matchday Programme

The programme offers a brilliant opportunity for parents and children
to read together and create life-long memories.

Audience Engagement

A fill in the blank piece of copy is juxtaposed to a iconic moment in the respective football club's history.

This will initiate a conversation between the parent and child about the iconic event, whilst the copy will create a memory between the parent and child.

Story as Chant

A separate challenge was making reading more engaging for both parent and child.

I tapped into the football chants that dominate the terraces. I propose a classic children's story be turned into a chant and broadcast on the big screen on matchday.

Chant Generator

Allows the user to take any classic children's story and convert it into a football chant.

The chant can be played back to the user, allowing parents who find reading difficult to share the experience with their children.